Explore and taste the best of Mexican street food: Tacos! Our local expert will take you on a delicious food tour in Sayulita, revealing the greatest hidden places around you cannot miss. Walk the streets of this surfer paradise and enjoy a variety of tacos and craft beers that will make your mouth water. Start with the distinctive flavor of tacos de canasta (literally "tacos in a basket") and its traditional two stuffings: potato and beans. Tacos de canasta have always been a food-to-go, sold from bicycles, and transported in a closed basket to keep them warm. It's one of Mexico's favorite street foods, and you will enjoy it the way Mexicans would do it, sharing a family-size bottle of beer usually called "caguama".
Continue with the intense flavor of tacos al pastor, another classic street food delicacy. Made of roasted pork meat, which is marinated with a mix of chile, achiote, and sour orange, tacos al pastor are in fact descendants of a Lebanese dish called Shawarma. Try them the traditional way with coriander, onion, and pineapple.
Cross the town square to the local craft brewery where you will taste one of their original beers and the famous fish taco in the most authentic Baja style. Fish tacos are one of the most delicious gifts the Pacific coast of Mexico has given to the world!
Our next taco might be something you haven't even heard about. It is a taco de jicama, a lighter version of a traditional taco, in which the corn tortilla has been replaced with a slice of jicama, an edible root that will give a nice fresh crunch to every bite. The perfect closure for this taco tour is a modern approach to a taco, with flavor influences from all over the world, paired with a perfectly chilled local beer on a terrace that is Sayulita's best-kept secret. The experience would not be complete without some free time exploring Sayulita at night and its exciting and colorful vibe. Join us on this food tour that is a real feast for the senses.


Minimum age 18.
Adults: $119.