Our Offroad Adventure is one of the most exciting ways to immerse yourself in the rural beauty of the agricultural communities that surround Puerto Vallarta. This full-day tour takes you into the lush interior of Banderas Bay, where you’ll experience the jungle not only on foot but also on four wheels. The ride is a wild one, with tight turns, climbs and splashdowns that will leave you breathless! Next, our friendly, knowledgeable guides will take you to one of the local towns for some sightseeing and to a family farm where old Mexican traditions are alive and well. Finally, enjoy the awe-inspiring views of a picturesque lagoon and savor the traditional flavors of local cuisine on a delicious al fresco lunch — the perfect way to end a day exploring Banderas Bay countryside in our one-of-a-kind cultural Offroad Adventure.

Offroad Adventure is famous for the thrills guests enjoy as they motor through the rainforest in one of our signature yellow Mercedes trucks, but for nature-lovers, the 45-minute hike is the highlight of this Puerto Vallarta jungle tour! As you walk through the lush Sierra Madre Mountains, you will see a wide variety of wildlife and native plants. While of course, our guides can’t guarantee that you’ll see any one piece of flora or fauna, they are trained to spot green iguanas, snakes of all kinds, beautiful tropical birds and interesting insects, too. If you’re used to seeing orchids in nurseries, it’s fascinating to see them (along with bromeliads and Strangler Fig Trees) in the wild! Keep your eyes open and you’ll be amazed at what you see! Today, there are still Mexican families living sustainably, growing their own food and preparing their own meals as they have for centuries. As part of your Offroad Adventure, you will meet one of these families and learn how authentic corn tortillas are still being made by hand. You’ll even have a chance to cook your very own tortillas over an open flame! Your guide will prepare a delicious salsa made with ingredients from the local marketplace to accompany them. Muy deliciosa!


Minimum age 8.
Adults and Children: $119.