Are you ready to defy gravity in the warm waters of Puerto Vallarta? Ocean Mania is our half-day, action-packed adrenaline tour that is full of the kind of heart-pounding thrills that make your everyday life seem far, far away! The excitement begins with a speedboat ride over the beautiful waters of Banderas Bay and takes you to a secluded ocean cove full of experiences designed to turn your world upside down. There, you’ll find one-of-a-kind natural water parks designed to test your courage and the limits of your stamina plus other fun activities to stir your senses. It’s a lively experience, perfect for both the young and young at heart. Are you ready to experience Ocean Mania? Soar high above the water and enjoy amazing views in our Puerto Vallarta parasailing adventure. It is an experience you cannot miss, mixing the excitement of high speed as you take off with the exhilarating feeling of flying. We are here to help satisfy your insatiable craving for adventure. Are you ready to test your limits on Ocean Mania’s nature-inspired attractions? You can zip line at mind-bending speeds into the ocean. The Step-Up lets you test your fear of heights in a challenge that requires agility and concentration—so whatever you do, don’t look down! Experience mind-bending speeds on a watercraft unlike any other! Thriller is a high-speed boat propelled by a roaring jet of pressurized water that can pull off moves impossible for other boats. From hair-raising hairpin turns to high-speed drifting to intense 360° spins, this ride will take your breath away. Thriller jet boat captains are trained to maneuver the craft not just over the waves, but also under the waves in dives that will get you totally soaked! The thrills of Ocean Mania’s adrenaline inspiring attractions can only be matched by the thrill of meeting a real, live sea lion! Our friendly sea lions will be as excited to meet you as you are to meet them when you participate together in hands-on activities that are equal parts educational and fun. Your encounter will begin with a short poolside introduction to the sea lions’ unique physiology, feeding habits and behaviors, and from there one of our professional marine mammal trainers will bring you to our specially designed shallow water pool. You’ll have the opportunity to touch, hug, and even kiss a friendly sea lion—which is an experience unlike any other!
- Parasailing
- Marine Life Encounter
- Step-Up
- Thriller Boat
- Ocean Zip-Line
- Ocean Waterslide
- Snorkeling


Minimum age 9 (anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult).
Adults and Children: $139.

Minimum height: 4ft (1.2m).

Minimum weight: 88lbs (40kg).

Maximum weight: 260lbs (118kg).

Zipline and Step up 12+ years.