This tequila tour was created just for tequila lovers! There’s no better way to celebrate your love of this historic drink of Mexico than with our private, VIP tour of the stunning Jose Cuervo distillery, La Rojeña. Our expert bilingual guides will take you on a day-long tequila tour that is a celebration of history, culture and of course, the smooth taste of the world’s best tequila. You’ll get a one of a kind behind the scenes look at a piece of Mexico many people appreciate, but few ever truly experience in its full richness and beauty. Imagine traveling back in time to step into the shoes of the privileged few who lived and worked in the Hacienda José Cuervo in its luxurious past. La Rojeña is every bit as fascinating and lovely as the most distinguished vineyards and wineries of Europe and California’s Napa Valley. It truly is a feast for the senses, with the blue-green agave fields stretching to the foot of the Tequila volcano, the gorgeous architecture of the historic hacienda Mundo Cuervo, the cool darkness of the famous Cuervo cellar and the heady taste and aroma of the tequila that is born here. Your private tour of the Reserva de la Familia cellar will of course include a professional tequila tasting directly from the barrel. Many people who love tequila are unaware of how much diversity of character this beverage can possess! Much like fine wines, tequila comes in many grades and blends - all of which have their own unique flavor and aroma profiles. Your tequila tasting may include reposado, blanco and añejo tequilas, or you might be surprised by what your guide invites you to sip! As you toast, you’ll learn about the cellar’s legends, history and traditions - all while breathing in the aromatic scent of the seasoned oak barrels that help make tequila so delicious.


From $699 for two people.
Children 8-18 must be accompanied by an adult.