Oahu is full of must-see sites, and the Polynesian Cultural Center and Pearl Harbor are two of the most popular destinations in Hawaii. With our Pearl Harbor and Polynesian Cultural Center tour you’ll get to see both, and much more, in one exciting and fun-filled day!

Take in the top attractions on Oahu in one incredible day. Historical Pearl Harbor and the fascinating Polynesian music, dance and people of the Pacific featured at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center is where you’ll really start to understand what happened on December 7th 1941 and the events that led up to the attack. You’ll learn about the Japanese strategy, what the United States military was preparing for, the opinions of Americans about the war and life in the islands during that time. The expansive network of museums, displays, plaques, photos and monuments bring to life the events and times of Hawaii during pre and post-war America.

Begin your trip to the Arizona Memorial by watching an informative documentary film about the attack with before, during and after photos and film footage of the attack and the events that led up to that horrific day. The boat ride to the memorial is just a few minutes long. The memorial was built over the remains of the sunken battleship allowing visitors to honor and reflect on the heroes of that fateful “Day of Infamy”. Read the names etched into the white marble wall listing all 1,177 sailors and marines who died that day on the USS Arizona. Keep an eye out for the “Black Tears” of oil on the surface that leak from the hull to this day.

For over 50 years this incredible attraction has shared the Polynesian culture of six island nations, spanning some 5000 miles across the Pacific, with the world. From the Parade of Canoes performances in the center’s lagoon to the fascinating authentically built villages to their award winning shows and exhibits, guests will come away with a much deeper and meaningful understanding of the Pacific peoples who migrated to Hawaii over the past 1000 years! The performers from each culture are not just actors either – they have come from these island nations to live and work at the Polynesian Cultural Center while attending college at nearby BYU Hawaii University. It’s just one of many reasons why it’s become a top Oahu “must see” attraction!

Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing. Oahu’s North Shore is the birthplace of big wave surfing and every winter hundreds of the world’s elite in the sport come to these beaches and surf spots to test their skills. You’ll see places like Sunset Beach, Banzai Pipeline and the quaint surf town of Haleiwa. With the steep jungle covered cliffs of the Koolau Mountains at your back and the emerald waters of the ocean at your feet, you’ll understand why visitors and residents alike cherish a trip to the North Shore! Your expert guides will share the stories and history of this beautiful side of Oahu that includes Waimea Bay and the sacred valley that sits behind Waimea Bay and it’s incredible beach and turquoise ocean waters.

During the early part of the 1900’s Hawaii produced nearly 90% of the world’s pineapples. Dole became a household name thanks to the hard work of James Dole, among others. The Dole Plantation is just a few minutes from the North Shore town of Haleiwa, making it the perfect stop on our way back to Honolulu. Here there are plenty of things to see and do including the world’s largest outdoor maze, train rides, a fascinating look into the many types of pineapples at the pineapple gardens and extensive gifts and treats available at the plantation store. And what better way to finish off a day traversing the island than with some Dole Whip pineapple ice cream!


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