A great way to end the day is to enjoy a wonderful sunset and a great meal. Join us on this unique sunset tour where you visit Haleakala National Park and watch the beautiful sunset colors from the summit area of the mountain. This sunset tour to Haleakala takes you on an adventure to explore the majestic, striking, panoramic views of Mount Haleakala as the sun sets, when the weather is just right, and as the sky paints a colorful serene background.

Our tour begins with hotel pickup and takes you into Upcountry Maui for a stop at Kula Lodge & Marketplace. The beautiful scents and sights surround you from this elevated location. We climb higher up the mountain to watch the sunset in the park.

After sunset, we make the winding drive down to Central Maui where we enjoy a 3-course family-style meal.


Pricing upon request.