Looking to get your adrenaline pumping and go on the adventure of a lifetime in Cancun, Mexico? Three adventures in one, this tour in Cancun will have you feeling like a kid in no time as you journey through the jungle and rappel into a gorgeous cenote! There are so many exciting activities jam-packed into this one-of-a-kind Cancun zipline and ATV tour adventure, so be sure to book with us today! Buckle your safety belt and brace yourself for an action-packed day of off-roading through rugged jungle terrain on a Polaris ATV/Can-Am Outlander! Speed along winding trails, over rocky paths and feel the power under your feet. Our Polaris Can-Am and Outlander ATVs are designed to handle the twists, turns, and bumps of the Cancun jungle trails with ease. Out of the many Cancun ATV off-road tours, none have better equipment or take you to more exciting locations. Amp up your adrenaline and see this tropical paradise like never before! Follow steep drop-offs and sharp turns on a fun ATV to a jungle trailhead where you'll come to a mystical Mayan cenote. This underground cenote is a well of freshwater believed by the Mayans to be the portal to the underworld. But you don't just get to look at this beautiful cenote, you get to do so much more! Feel the rush of true exploration by rappelling down into the cenote and flying down an aquatic zipline into the refreshing, cool waters. After a brief instruction, shift your weight, lean back, and give the cords slack as you slowly free-rappel down into the heart of the cenote. On the descent, you can't miss the awe-inspiring view of ancient rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites, formed over centuries in this beautiful natural phenomenon unique to the Riviera Maya. Cenotes are sinkholes known for their natural beauty, pristine water, and fascinating geology! Climb out of the cenote on a 26-foot mesh rope ladder and then feel the pulse of adrenaline as you walk a tightrope high over the gaping mouth of the cenote. Can't get enough? Splashdown into the cenote on fast-paced aquatic ziplines! Then, swim to the anteroom to enjoy a guided cenote tour while bobbing in the cool, crystalline waters. Marvel at stalagmites and ancient rock formations and learn about the Mayan underworld with our expert tour guide who will point out all the unique aspects of this natural phenomenon. If you’re looking to ride ATVs, swim in a beautiful cenote, and take a spin on an exhilarating zipline in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Mexico, this is the tour for you! You won’t want to miss this action-packed adventure deep inside the Yucatán jungle.


Minimum age 8.
Adults and Children: $129.

Maximum weight 250 lbs.

UTV driver must be 18 years old with a valid drivers license.