The region near Cancun has a number of amazing ancient archaeological sites, each of which are worth seeing and experiencing firsthand. If you've only got an afternoon to spare, we recommend our Express Coba Tour. Led by our expert tour guides, this short guided tour takes you into the heart of Coba, a Mayan city nearly 1000 years old and the nexus of the largest network of stone causeways of the ancient Mayan world. Once there, you'll get to walk up breathtaking ancient pyramids known as Nohoch Mul and learn all about Mayan history from our expert tour guides — all in time to make it back to Cancun or Playa del Carmen before the evening begins. Considered one of the most important Mayan Ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula, Coba contains many engraved and sculpted stelae that document ceremonial life and important events of Mayan civilization as it existed before and during the Colonial era. Coba is also home to truly breathtaking ancient temple pyramids known as Nohoch Mul, the tallest of which, Ixmoja, is some 42 metres (137 ft) in height. The best part? At Coba, you get to climb these ancient pyramids yourself. Once you make the climb, you'll be rewarded with a breathtaking view from the top — a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience and sight to behold! Uncover the mysteries of the ancient Mayans as you walk through the buildings and structures of Coba. Weave through the winding, natural paths and experience the grandeur of this exciting archaeological site. Listen to amazing stories and learn facts about ancient Mayan civilization from our expert tour guides. This Coba ruins tour will give you the full Coba experience in just a few hours. If you're visiting Cancun, Coba is a must-see destination. If you've only got a few hours to spare, there's no better way to see Coba than our Express Coba Tour. Not only is this tour time-efficient — it's cost efficient, too, with round-trip transportation provided to and from most major hotels in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, this is the perfect Coba tour for any budget.


Minimum age 8.
Adults: $89.
Children: $79 (8-11).

Not recommended for people with limited mobility.

Private tours are available upon request.