Climb on one of our multiple style vessels and head out looking for the giants of the sea. Cabo San Lucas like Hawaii is a birthing and breeding ground for the beautiful humpback whale. See these amazing creatures in their natural habitats doing what whales do. Maybe even get lucky and see a little baby whale better known as a calf.

Whales travel about 3,000 miles during a 10 to 12 month gestation period. Above the ocean, their breathtaking performance is a way of communicating with other whales, and below the surface, they produce a wide range of fascinating singing sounds. Humpback whales can reach sizes of over 50 feet in length and weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. They are perhaps the most famous whale species for breaching, which is on full display near Cabo.

With different types of vessels, tours and times from an inflatable rib ride to a luxury catamaran with lunch and open bar, from morning to sunset tours we offer various tours to see these magnificent creatues!

To help you get as close to these magnificent creatures as possible and take pictures to memorialize the moment, we proudly offer this one-of-a-kind whale watching tour. Witness the awe-inspiring enormity and grace of humpbacks 40–50 feet long (12–16 meters) up-close in their natural environment from our specialized, inflatable boats. In our Cabo whale watching excursion, feel the rush of seeing humpback whales shoot out of the ocean depths, launching high into the air and returning to the sea amidst a colossal splash!

Join us for a one of a kind tour through the beautiful attractions Baja California has to offer. Sail with us this morning in search of the different types of whales and marine life located right here in Los Cabos. Listen to the beautiful songs that our traveling mammals shares, while our certified tour guides aboard will share interesting facts and guide you through each memorable place such as the famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas. This 100ft catamaran is proudly built using green technology! Our catamaran is both comfortable and luxurious. Enjoy the world class views while indulging in our fresh Mexican buffet prepared on board by our chef and our national open bar.

Our luxurious double-deck catamaran will provide all the comfort for an unforgettable all-inclusive whale watching experience while our expert and knowledgeable tour guides share interesting facts about these majestic ocean dwellers. Cruise along the bay and past the famous Land's End Arch while our attentive crew delivers exquisite appetizers and drinks from the open bar on board a luxury charter yacht. Our French-made yacht is equipped with a hydrophone system to hear the whales "singing" in real-time while enjoying a breathtaking landscape.


Starting from -
Adults: $89.
Children: $44.50 (4-10).

Early December - late April

Private tours available upon request.