Have you been dreaming about mountain biking the Baja Peninsula? While some adventurers take this trek and make it an epic weeks-long camping excursion, we bring guests to the very best spots for a half-day mountain bike adventure that’s great for both seasoned cyclists and those new to mountain biking, too.

Our expert guides will lead you over sliding, sandy trails and up and down rolling hills in this one of a kind eco-adventure tour of the Mexican outback. Even better, your ride through this fascinating desert landscape will include an up-close look at the plants and wildlife that flourish in this seemingly harsh environment.

On top of that, this thrilling Mountain Bike tour in Cabo includes a visit to EcoFarm, a series of interactive experiences surrounding sustainability and conservation. Come and enjoy an hour of fun educational workshops at the EcoFarm.

As you pedal, you’ll gaze into vast, wide-open spaces where beauty can be found in the relative solitude. Every water break will be another opportunity to learn about the flora and the fauna of the Baja Peninsula.

The horizon will wrap itself around you in a way that is unique to this surprisingly lush desert landscape… until your uninterrupted view is broken by one of the majestic towering Cardón cacti that call the Baja Peninsula home.

There are boojum trees, which look like something straight out of a Dr. Seuss book and grow nowhere else on earth, and beautiful flowering agave, too.

While there are other ways to experience Baja, your mountain bike adventure will give you time to really soak up everything there is to see in this beautiful landscape.


Adults: $89.
Children: $69 (8-11).

$20 per adult and $10 per child park entrance fee is payable at check in.