Camels are one of the friendliest and most loving animals you will ever meet. When you are with them, you lose track of time and get entranced by their gentle, peaceful and fun personalities.

When arriving to the park, we will introduce you to our camels, and you will help us feed them. We then play some introduction games and learn tons of fascinating facts about camels. After all this, you will go to the “loading zone” where we partner you with one of our camels.

El Tule canyon is an amazing place! The moment you arrive, you’ll immediately feel captured by its magic. Situated in the middle of our desert at the bottom of our canyon you’ll find an oasis where vegetation grows lush and green. And even from here, you’ll never lose sight of the breathtaking sparkling Sea of Cortez.

Some of our camels are young and are specially trained to be ridden by kids, making this experience the best choice for families vacationing in Los Cabos looking for kid-friendly activities to enjoy with the entire family.

Finish off your day with a Mexican style lunch and a guided tour through a rescued animal sanctuary.


Adults: $130.
Children: $105 (4-12).